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Mobile version


I’ve tested the Jetpack Mobile Version – I have activated this and deactivated it to find out what is the difference.

I’ve tested with a Samsung S3 (Android)
The difference: with the mobile version activated – you can change the view on your mobile – in the bottom there is a Link “view Full Site” or “view mobile site” – only with activated jetpack mobile version.

T Jetpack mobile activated-home
Jetpack-mobile activated- menue
Jetpack-mobile activated- menue

The mobile site is more compact and the menu comes not with a dark grey area from the left but a window including all subsites on the whole screen.

Jetpack NOT activated – menue
Jetpack mobile NOT activated - Home
Jetpack mobile NOT activated – Home











  1. Thanks Agelika, interesting.
    We also will see to change a bit the CSS (as to font sizes, etc.) what should make it even more responsive

    • It works with pushing the on/off button AND the “Home” button (both physical buttons) at the same time. Saved into the gallery.

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